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Food Glorious Food Part I: In Defense of American Cuisine

An entrenched stereotype Americans have about English culture is that the food is terrible. A classic joke is that all the chefs in hell are English. Note that this view is out of step with the usual American attitude towards … Continue reading


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Do Americans Know They Are American?

Most Brits, if asked, will claim that Americans have a much stronger sense of national identity than they do. As evidence, they will point to American displays of flag waving and the prevalence of the expression ‘God Bless America’. I … Continue reading


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Why Do Villains Have English Accents in American Movies?

While living in England, I’ve discovered a common bugbear among the English is the fact that Hollywood frequently casts English actors as villains. I’ve sometimes wondered if their memories on this subject are a little selective.  I’ve often heard Peter … Continue reading


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School Sports in the UK and US: Why all the football coaches taught Drivers’ Ed at my high school

The summer Olympic and Paralympic Games (the latter known as the ‘Special Olympics’ in the US) in London has me thinking about the cultural significance of sports in both my native and adopted countries, in particular, the role of team … Continue reading


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