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I am a Delaware native who has been living in London for seven years.  I am married to a Englishman and work for a publishing company.  I have an addiction to am-dram acting and theatre going.  Read this blog for musings on the transatlantic divide as well as book and theatre reviews.

Header image: Wet Saturday in Trafalgar Square by Alison Barr.  Used with permission.

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  1. Person With a Brain

    You’re married to a BRIT.

    • James

      Hello again, my brain-owning friend, if the man was born within the borders of England, the man is English, one kind of follows on from the other.
      He would, in fairness, also be British, but he could be referred to as either, according to his preference. Or are you going to claim that the Welsh are fictional as well.

      Once again (assuming you read my previous reply to your other, equally uninformed post)

    • Barb

      Good grief! “denominations of British” indeed. I love Jane’s reply. I’m in the midst of re-reading P.D. James’ Death in Holy Orders, set at a small Anglican theological college, and it reminded me of the Starbridge novels which I read quite some time ago and really enjoyed–especially the unreliable narrators!
      I’m happy your blog exists because I didn’t realize the St. Benet series even existed and now I must read it.
      I’m always fascinated with stories about the humans inside institutions which demand a more-than-human effort from their participants: doctors, police, priests and ministers.
      I’ll be checking back in to read more of your stuff!

      • Lauren

        Thanks so much, Barb! I’ll have to check out ‘Death in Holy Orders’. Enjoy the St Benet series. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Starbridge, but you are still in for a real treat!

  2. Person With a Brain

    I agree that English and Welsh exist. They are denominations of British and I don’t agree with them being separate entities.

  3. Person With a Brain

    And also, define uninformed. These are opinions not facts you moron. Who is supposed to do the informing?

  4. David Clark

    Hmm … I thought most of the Brits worked at GCHQ or in offshore financial centres.

  5. I found this article about Susan Howatch and the Starbridge/St Benet’s novels, which like you I devoured voraciously some years ago, when I googled Susan Howatch and Starbridge. It’s a good review, and I think you’re right about the importance of the unreliable narrator, among other things. I’m also fascinated by your very ignorant American commentators on your marriage to an Englishman. I am English but I’m also British, and the same could be said for a Welshwoman, an Ulsterwoman or a Scotswoman (though some of those don’t want to be British, of course, these days). I also live in Cornwall (Howatch set some novels here too), where they are keener to be British as England starts in Devon, the other side of the Tamar! These are deep waters, but I would say that Howatch, writing about a fictionalised Salisbury, is definitely writing about England.

    • Lauren

      Thanks, Jane. I am glad you enjoyed my review of the Starbridge series. Believe it or not ‘Person with a Brain’, the commentator above, is British, not American (or at least claims to be). I can’t fathom his/her comment either.

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